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johnny dollar's vault resides in the basement of stately dollar maisonTM, amongst the wine cellar, tiki bar, and finicky electrical panel. from time to time i will unearth various artifacts from either there or from the random crevices of my mind.

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NOTE: this blog will NOT deal with any recent pop culture (i.e. since about 1990) or topical issues, so if you're looking for discussion about britney baracko jacko flacco, look elsewhere, lol

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

bandwagon: the octovember baltimore blogger happy hour

With: Your hosts! SNAY and Jennetic.

Who: Baltimore Bloggers, Bloggers, Blog Readers, You, Me, The Pope, Prostitutes. Y’know. Everyone.

Why: Blogs. Beers. Bloggers. More beers. What’s not to love?

When: Wednesday, November 1st, 6pm.

Where: Dizzy Issie’s
300 W 30th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Got Questions? Leave a comment. E-mail SNAY. You’ll figure it out. You’re smart. Or at least, moderately partially possibly possessing of some basic, rudimentary education. Yes, look at you, making fire with two twigs. Brilliant.

What: The October/November Blogger Happy Hour.

Monday, October 30, 2006

halloween part 5: halloween 1987 style

in the year of our lard nineteen hunnert and eighty-sevin, i jived my way into the course for hi-skool students wherein we read shakespeare and saw plays for free. score. anyways, i guess my regular friends weren't quite as festive coz i ended up going with the shakespeare crowd to georgetown for the big halloween shindig in the streets. do they even do that anymore?

so that's some of the crew hanging at washington harbour before traipsing up to the main drag in georgetown. not to drop names, okay, i'm dropping names, but the guy on the left is the soon-to-be mayor of d.c. i'm just sayin'.

the shot above is blurry, but it captures pooty good the street action in M street i think. i dig the punk hair and the fruit of the loom head on the right.

this was my costume, i was trying to be laertes from hamlet. imagine me doing something culturally obscure, lol. but the main thing to note is the old skool red shag carpet and bordello wallpaper in our basement. i told you i was hardcore.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

halloween part 4: omg every scary kid record from the 1960's and 70's available for d-lode!

well here's the deal; when growin' up me bruthas and me had these two scary vinyl records that mysteriously disappeared sometime in the late 70's, but which we basically memorized since we played them so much.

one of my older brothers decided to recify the situation several years ago and bought them back on ebay. then he ripped the vinyl to cd and sent us copies. just coz.

i was all thinkin' i was gonna make mp3s of these scary stories and post them on this-heer blog thing, but guess what ~ in attempting to find the track listings i found a blog where a guy has posted every frickin' scary kid record pretty much EVAR. it's mindblowingly great.

so for your downloading and listening pleaseure, first, my two favorite: scary spooky stories and great ghost stories,

(just right click under the album cover images)


Monday, October 23, 2006

goofin' 1950's style

here is a lil photo i dug up of my pop and his hotrod pals 'fixing' the engine for one of their cars. pop is the ritchie cunningham lookin' guy in the center.

kinda proof that doing culturally fringe-y things is in my nature and/or nurture. or something. daddy-o.

Friday, October 20, 2006

holy crap! more captain chesapeake!

i wasn't evein lookin', but i chanced upon this swell goobletube clip featuring original footage along with an interview of the man himself. boss! click here! (if you haven't clicked above)

from the info on the youtube page, seems there's a newish website called http://crabcitykidstv.com/ that has alot of info about the local baltimore channels and the kid shows they carried. a handful of these ported down to the dc area when i was a kiddo (i.e. wonderama). czech it out!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

halloween part 3: teen w(olf)-t-f?

i will buy a beer at the upcoming blogger happy hour for the person who most satisfactorally answers the following question:

Monday, October 16, 2006

halloween part 2: jury duty!!!1

guess what i get to do on october 31st? yah, my civic responsibility, which i have never ever ever had to do before for some reason. but hey, i had my baby teeth for a long time too.

so my question to you , dear readers, is what halloween costume should i wear to the courtroom? here is a start of a list but any input would be welcome.
1) judge dredd
2) worf (so i can stand up and say "i must protest!"
5) bull from 'night court'
8) the big fig newton (just coz)

Friday, October 13, 2006

halloween part 1: happy bollyween

at the risk of overdoing the gootube posts, but i think this halloween would be sorely lacking if you did not see the indian version of thriller.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

stuckeys it to the man for my baltimizzies

so i been on the road like charles kuralt. more on that later, but here's some love for the loco yokels.

stuckeys, yon varlet. peanut brittle to expand the middle.

mmm, graffiti at south of the border. i'm bursting with local pride. murderlang proud.