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Friday, March 02, 2007

crystal gayle force

i can't really explain why certain ideas or icons pop into my head, but for whatever reason i've recently been thinking about crystal gayle.

i didn't know until googling that she was loretta lynn's younger sister, and it's funny coz i never considered her a county music star. perhaps the song "don't it make my brown eyes blue" fuzzing out the am radio sometime late 1970 / early 80s made an impact on me, but i'd say mostly when i think of her i think of long, straight hair.

crystal gayle is like the boss ninja of long straight hair. seeing her on our color tv in the 70's, i seem to recall it went WAYYY past her tushie... more like calf length.

having had straight hair of shoulder length back in my day, i know what trouble hair can be. i can't say the last time it was i saw a woman with long hair past her posterior.

but there's somethin' about it. mmm... crystal gayle hair.


Blogger Charissa said...

She's Loretta's younger sister? Holy crap. I just LOVE Coal Miner's Daughter - so much so that I asked for the DVD for Christmas (and got it). Sissy Spacek does an amazing job.

In related news, the BF didn't know who Crystal Gayle was... isn't that crazy talk?

6:51 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

that's what my sources say, c.c. :)

heehee... you must _educate_ the bf... that's some prime a.m. radio gold, there, that crystal gayle...

7:46 AM  

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