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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

you can search all time magazines back to 1923

omg maybe i'm a mega-nerd, but i just found out that if you goto the website for time magazine, you can go to the search box in the upper center and search their archives all the way back to 1923.

imagine - it's like you have a stack of all these primary sources, every single edition, and you can googlize it!
i mean, i love old magazines, they give you a perspective that you don't get from herstory books.



Feb. 29, 1988 "Belles in Baltimore HAIRSPRAY"

Aug. 24, 1981 "He Digs Downtown" / Rouse

Jul. 22, 1974 "Chaos in Charm City"

Apr. 11, 1960 "The Sun's Orbit"

Oct. 25, 1948 Letters / Bromo Seltzer

h.l. mencken

Aug. 16, 1948 "The Right to Know"

Nov. 19, 1945 "Saloon Editor"

Apr. 17, 1933 "Prosit!" / End of Prohibition

Oct. 27, 1924 "Practical Mencken"

national bohemian

Apr. 26, 1954 "Bat, Beer & Camera"

maybe i'm the only one who enjoys this. but you gotta love the mencken quote regarding baltimore from 1945: "i need peace. i live in a remote slum surrounded by lintheads, okies and anthropoids ... far from where the respectable profiteers live."

and at the repeal of prohibition 12 years earlier, getting his first beer:

"pretty good." he pronounced. "not bad at all. fill it again."


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u b crazy johnny$, blogger extradinaire!!!

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Blogger johnny dollar said...

who me?

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