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Friday, August 31, 2007

the adventures of natty boh on the left coast

a loyal (?) reader of this-here blog happens to live in callie-forni-ay and happens to be the head bartender at the "forbidden island" tiki bar in alameda.

so when he implored me to bequeath upon him some natty boh, i thot, sure, that would be some great blog fodder, pix of natty boh in a tiki bar! so i abused the u.s. postal system by sending him a can of said elixir.

turns out his cousin "clem" absconded with the boh and whilst enjoying, provided us with the following images of a californian's rendition of natty boh enjoyment.


no more boh for clem!

n.b. - said bartender met john waters a week later ~ too bad he didn't have more boh to offer him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ruuude!


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