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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

jonesin'; indy label

ye may be perchance agog to find this most obscure and most unread blog to be discussing this particular topic, but you got something more than you bargained for; i'm yer golderned indiana jones blogger.

viewing the recent trailer for indiana jones 4 (us old timers used to call the movies "raiders,") made me to muse upon my viewing of the original movie in 1981, temple of doom in 1984, and last crusade in 1989.

i saw temple of doom at congressional theater in rockville, and for some reason i think my dad got me the OFFICIAL COLLECTORS EDITION program. neener, neener. i dunno if it is worth anything these days, but is is fun to look at.

also about that time i purchased the OFFICIAL REPLICA HAT at britches great outdoors in montgomery mall. the hat has outlived the stores in the mall, hah. well this hat is copyright 1984 so i guess it coincided with temple of doom. feels like walking on fortune cookie!

anyways there are some photos of indy looking all buff etc etc. i am invited by the ever enthusiastic snay to view all the first three movies in a marathon before number 4 comes out, so perhaps i'll bring it along.

dr. jones... he is... nefarious...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure you now appreciate that your father bought you the book.

9:05 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

yeah my dad is SUPER COOL!!!1 :D

9:07 AM  

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