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Monday, January 07, 2008

kitteh update: part the second

we we have has a kitty for two months now, and it is safe to say that mooch has made himself at home.

that is not to say we are not working out the bugs, so to speak.

one aspect that i am trying to figure out how to rectify is that he sleeps in the bedroom with us during the night, since if left the run of the house, he gets on top of the bird-tank and would probably eventually get in. we want the birdies to be on the outside of the cat, not the inside.

but it seems he wants out of the bedroom about 2am, and therefore proceeds to create quite the ruckus. his favorite "i want out" meow sounds like this: MAO-WOO!

i think we are doing pretty good with controlling the scratching with the dreaded squirt bottle, but it requires constant vigilance.

overall the little furball has been alot of fun.

*end of nauseating kittypost*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had our kat declawed and keep the bedroom door shut at night. Life is good.

He's a table-jumper though, so I'm keepin' an eye on the bartop for paw prints.

12:19 AM  
Blogger themusicologist said...

do you know the rock steady tune called Johnny Dollar?

great record, version of Garnett Mimms 'A Quiet Place'

saw your 'nom de plume'? and obviously reminded me of it.

4:49 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

bali hai: we still got the claws; are attempting to use squirt bottle as anti-scratching therapy. of course he has designated scracthing posts etc... but yes, paw prints do proliferate.

musicologist: i am aware of the song 'johnny dollar' by the rolands; apparently there was a reggae musical (?) by the same name. i am not famililar with the garnett mimms connection. honestly i would love to know more of the origins of the 'johnny dollar' name in this particular cultural manifestation. also you might be interested in this post:

9:07 AM  

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