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Thursday, March 20, 2008

fudgie the whale

yesterday i got a carvel ice cream fudgie the whale coz i was a good boy and passed an important exam. fudgie!!!

if you grew up between about new york and maryland, you will probably be acquainted with carvel ice cream store commercials. the original founder and owner insisted on narrating his commercials, and subsequently entered the classic lexicon of low-budget classicly awful advertisments. the fellow sounded like he was an alcoholic and smoked five packs a day. pretty heady stuff for a sheletered suburban lad.

the following ad does not contain fudgie, but it does have COOKIE PUSS! the lol thing is that carvel has about two shapes for their ice cream cakes - it's just the icing that differentiates them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A shame we didn't get to hear more of Tom Carvel's voice on that one. I grew up watching those commercials and (for those not in the know) your description is no exaggeration. And they all ended with "Thank you." Polite guy, that Tom.

Do you remember that Cookie Puss started out as an alien named "Celestial Person", hence that weird flanged voice they gave the character? Then they moved to "CP" and finally "Cookie Puss". And this week, of course, he'd be "Cookie O'Puss" and colored green.

1:19 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

i agree, but knowing how youtube has been deleting commercials, i was glad that even this one was available...

i do not recall the "celestial person" moniker... perhaps that was a couple years before my C.C. (carvel conciousness). but i DO recall cookie o'puss... heehehehe...

8:50 AM  

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