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Thursday, June 05, 2008

the interwebs does connect us all indeed

the interweb does connect everyone.

fer example.

do you know that food network show the ace of cakes? so anyways the receptionist for that business (charm city cakes) is part of that reality show, and also had a blog for awhile (it shut down)

so like 2 years ago i did a blog post about captain 20, and she left a comment on my blog saying she grew up in rockville and met captain 20 (back in the day) and was star struck by him. i think she even went to the church one of my best friends went to. so i emailed her and asked if she knew them and she said no.

so like 2 days ago i was telling my honny that i'm sorry that we don't have good cable coz i liked the ace of cakes... you know, it's all shot around here and is good image repair for baltimore.

and this morning, i got an email FROM HER (mary alice) coz she must have had my email address from when i asked her if she knew my friends' family. it was an invitation to a party on the 15th that is co-sponsored by charm city cakes.

odd. yet cool.


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