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Monday, April 17, 2006

giant pink bunny attacks city

i've only lived in baltimore for three years, so i don't know how long this mega bunny has been around,
but i do know that as far a giant roadside attractions go, this one is way classier than a gorilla or weird windy guy that they have outside of car dealerships. this bunny is directly related to the product, and the product is great... mmm... mary sue easter eggs...

anyways we had the opportunity to bask in his pink bunny hugeness yesterday at the baltimore zoo... wish the light had been a little better...

below is how he normally looks in situ. this photo was taken from a moving car going south on jfx while dodging people who were attempting to both talk on their cellphones and navigate thier s.u.v.s. thus the 'artistic' framing.

let's hear it for the mary sue easter egg giant pink bunny, y'alls...


Blogger tfg said...

And I thought that it was another Brown Acid flashback. Thanks for setting me straight.

9:36 AM  

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