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Monday, May 01, 2006

i 0wns teh internets

don't you love sitemeter? do ya huh? i certainly do, maybe cause i'm a blog n00b... anyways, there's an occasional thrill to think someone in singapore saw my blog. i'm sure you older and wiser bloggers think it ain't no thang. anyways, in reviewing sitemeter recently i noticed that if someone comes to your blog coz they googled or dogpiled or boogled, sitemeter shows the search words. cool! so i saw that some humanoid in cali searched for the phrase 'johnny dollar' on search.msn.com, so curiously i looked at that search page and found out that my blog is the #1 hit for 'johnny dollar' there! how the heck did that happen??? not that i'm complainin...

the weird thing is that there are tons and tuns of references that that name relates to. 'johnny dollar' has been my hotmail email since 1997, and i've used the name as my internet avatar since then too. i liked it coz it was derived from both a 1940's radio show and a late 1950's rockabilly star (obscure contemporary of buddy holly) and it seemed to not pigeonhole but fit many genres of my interest - swing, film noir, rockabilly, lounge... even cowboy for that matter. and there's a political blog by this guy who calls himself johnny dollar, how did i beat him out? there's even a band in north carolina called johnny dollar, not to mention a deceased vice-mayor in florida (???) and a photographer in el paso.

wot eva. i guess being #1 hit on search.msn.com is not as prestigiditious as being #1 hit on google, (i'm not, wah), but it's still cool. someday i may be a snay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J$, yer hot!!!1

8:26 AM  

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