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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

anyone know a machinist?

so this weekend i was making fresh oj wit' my beloved chrome juice king, and i done stripped out the gear inside.
seems the gear in question for some reason was made out of pot metal instead of steel. cossacks.
anyone out there know anyone, or happen to have a lathe etc to make me a new gyro gearloose?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to upgrade to a Juice-O-Mat. Look for the ones with the flip up head. There are various versions that look sort of the same, but they perfected it with the flip up head... Ebay-by

4:34 PM  
Blogger tfg said...

You're probably going to spend more to have a gear cut than a new juicer costs. M&D Machine on Hammonds Ferry does good work.

7:43 PM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

thanks for the info's, fellers

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the one of which I speak on Ebay. Note the tilt top. Note the teeth. This is what you want. Easy to put in and take out the fruit and a short lever action that squishes the living hell out of the fruit in one short throw. You can juice a bag of limes in no time with this. Also comes apart easy to clean. The bottom container even has a pour spout built in.

10:25 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

sweet, thanks, swanky. i'll put that on my short list of junque to snap up in the near future.

10:30 AM  
Blogger acw said...

I don't know about a machinist, but I know where you can find a good pianist.


10:53 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

why have roses on your piano when you can have tulips on your organ?

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know a machinist, but I just watched The Machinist with Christian Bale.

11:20 PM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...


6:44 AM  

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