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Thursday, March 15, 2007

my name is pretz. and i am fonky.

so i had the distinct pleasure to tastify this particular asiatic comestible. it is one of a series of japanese savory food stick units named pretz, and this particular version was battle CORN... er, corn.

and CORN it WAS! this tasted cornier than corn. wha? i dunno if there was some secret samurai squid msg or something in there, but it was freaking cornalicious! i had never and i probably never will taste as corny a taste of corn as i did when i ate the ol corn pretz. they don't even call it maize.

and of course you being a smart guy/gal can appreciate the sluggoness of the kid on the front. can't you?

erm. well, i would suggest if you aver get a hankerin' for some pretz, go for the corn ~ forget the tomato or pizza or raw horseflesh or whatever flavour.

and oh yeah, peep their "im mr japanese duran duran" site...


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