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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

do you need a fridge? git yourself down to honest dollar's refrigerator warehouse UPDATED

i was gonna throw this up on craigslist, but i thought i would extend this offa to my loyal readers (or royal leaders) foist.
this is still available.

what you got here (kicks tire) is a circa 1980's white-westinghouse frost-free refrigerator, 28" wide x 64" high x 29" deep. works swell. ya wannit? lemmy know.

it is quite well suited to chillin yer beverage, man.

the next one is a little weirder.

the other is a circa 1940 "frigidaire by general motors," 27" wide x 55" high x 25" deep. it worked when we got it but the pot metal upper hinge broke, so it has been sitting ever since. i suppose a smart person could get a new hinge fabricated. i haven't been smart guy in that regard.

you know anyone who restores fridges? are you macgyver? no offer too low ~ i mean it.


Blogger acw said...

I may be instrested in said frigidaire unit, more modern type. There are actually parts in my current fridge which are actually duct-taped in, no shit.

mokiejovis [izzity-at] anonymouscoworker.com

6:50 PM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...

word. i email you, slim.

9:25 PM  

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