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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"movie monsters,"1975: bag your face

when i was like in first to third grade, we had this thing in school where you were given these "scholastic books" pamphlets and if your parents let you and gave you bucks, you could order book(s) through it.

i dunno if it was me or my brothers who ordered this book, but i recall it being an important part of our kid library.

it's "movie monsters," published 1975, by alan ormsby. apparently this feller is now a big horror movie guy and also obviously a great illustrator as he drew all the enclosed drawings.

i thought that for a kid publication, it was informative and engaging.

the following always intrigued me, although i don't think i ever made one: make your own bag head frankenstien monster haid!

i vividly recall my brother making the above annotation on the finished product with my fisher-price typewriter. the logic behind the annotation, however, is vague...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooo... scary!!!!

8:54 PM  
Blogger acw said...


Ha ha ha ha!

2:52 PM  
Blogger KW said...

I made that thing when I was a kid. Mine never turned out like the one in the picture. I appreciate F A R T and can understand why your brother did it. it just makes good sense!

12:19 PM  

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