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johnny dollar's vault resides in the basement of stately dollar maisonTM, amongst the wine cellar, tiki bar, and finicky electrical panel. from time to time i will unearth various artifacts from either there or from the random crevices of my mind.

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NOTE: this blog will NOT deal with any recent pop culture (i.e. since about 1990) or topical issues, so if you're looking for discussion about britney baracko jacko flacco, look elsewhere, lol

Monday, November 19, 2007

bananas flambe are literally da bomb

image from the pacific restaurant in sterling, virginia. one of the last bastions of old-school style tiki drinks and old-school asian food traditions in the maryland/dc/virginia area.

i wonder if the theatricality of bananas flambe will continue to the next generation of asian restauranteurs. i hope so.

Friday, November 16, 2007

better start your thanksgiving shoppin soon...

well it's less than a week to thanksgiving day, and i bet the grocery stores are gonna be NUTZ this weekend, so we're doing our shopping tonite at the evil empire that is wegman's. seriously, folks seem to hate on the place but i lurv it.

ima gonna make my specialty, creamed onions, and we also got a fedex shipment yesterday of raffetto's "nesselro fruits" from ultimate gourmet in joisey to make nesselrode pie! looking forward to that.

not to mention the baltimore tradition of sauerkraut with the turkey ~ i never experienced that til i moved here, but i'm down widdit!

so get your choppin in oily, choppers!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

dayton allen: why not!, 1960

i bought this album years ago based mostly on the merits of its album art. but it is a gem of a silly comedy album by dayton allen, who was a recurring comedy guest on the steve allen show. you most likely would know him as the voice of deputy dawg. the album is of 1960 vintage.

i got around to making a digital copy for my bro, who oddly enough likes silly comedy. now i share it with yallzin.

go to to get it from rapidshare @ http://rapidshare.com/files/69555849/Dayton_Allen.zip.html . if you don't know how to download from rapidshare, go here. WHY NOT!

Friday, November 09, 2007

only one little tavern left...

growin' up, i remembered seeing little tavern hamburger stands in silver spring, georgetown, wheaton, and bethesda... they were truly remnants of a former roadside era, and i was always sad when i inevitably saw them go.

well, here's the deal... the last little tavern in the baltimore area stands in dundalk, and the clock is ticking... it's at 6414 holabird avenue.

word on the street is that this last vestige of a once flourishing chain might not be around forever. so if you want to see what it was like to "buy 'em by the bag," i suggest you swing on by.

Monday, November 05, 2007

opening katz deli

so yesterday we were adopted by a very hungry cat. i am technically allergic to cats, but this is a kool kat. who knows, i may have to get the immunotherapy. apparently according to him, we are pretty much his.

so this way i have a built in lolcat... of course that trend is way played out. will that stop me? naw. at least i am assured a constant source of cheezburgrz.

p.s. his name r mooch.

Friday, November 02, 2007

avoid the octovember blogger happy hour!!!1

omg, you should like totally not go to the happy hour tonite! like the beer will all be infected with nanovirus! that'll turn you into a zombie! and like a zombie acw would be totally evener scarier than he already is! yikes!!!

this happy hour is hosted by danielle and charissa, but of course, they will be zombies too so they will totally try to eat your brain. be protectin' that dome, yer brains be lookin' mighty tasty.

and like there will be all these bloggerzombies, which are the worst, since after they eat your brain, they take photos of you with their coolpix and post it on "aaaarrrrfggghbrains.blogspot.com."

who: bloggers and the like
what: baltimore blogger octovember happy hour
when: today, november 2nd 2007, 6pm - ?
where: holy frijoles, 908 w 36th st in hampden

stay away!!!

er... j/k