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johnny dollar's vault resides in the basement of stately dollar maisonTM, amongst the wine cellar, tiki bar, and finicky electrical panel. from time to time i will unearth various artifacts from either there or from the random crevices of my mind.

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NOTE: this blog will NOT deal with any recent pop culture (i.e. since about 1990) or topical issues, so if you're looking for discussion about britney baracko jacko flacco, look elsewhere, lol

Monday, April 21, 2008

garden is go

the above is just a taste of the hardcore gardenin' we got busy with this past weekend, but rest assured, the flowers and trees we got goin' on are the best ever... not only that, we are about 85% into completing GARDEN v2.0, and trust me, we are barring no holds this year. pix soon kthxbai!

btw if you have any garden design consulting needs, do not hesitate to visit baltimore's premiere garden coach, kelly, at the spade and rake garden company.

rakin' like the ace of spades...


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